Osechi おせち料理







Styling for Martini ad campaignマルティーニ広告スタイリング

My recent work with Bacardi Japan. Check out the link to see the commercial & back stage 🙂


マルシェをイメージした食材や生花のスタイリング、マルティーニに合わせたお料理、シズルカットなどをやりました⭐️ 下のリンクにて30秒バージョンと、メイキング映像も見られます。一瞬だけ、駆けつける背中が映ってます(笑)探してみてくださーい

島田監督 @daisukeshimada_qotorifilm 、お世話になった方々みなさま、どうもありがとうございました。

Cooking for Chef Inoue

Insane moment of my life….I had the honor to cook for chef Inoue today. 
But it wasn’t a delightful experience.  It was all in extreme tension.  I was kicked into to kitchen and everyone in the kitchen didn’t like it.  A girl in her Louboutin, wearing perfume coming in, asking to use the kitchen. 

I wanted to escape but that wasn’t an option.  The chef told me to make him a dish, and I said “yes.” Although chef Inoue has known me even before I was born, this was the first time he ever told me to actually cook.  I had to think without even thinking, what to cook.  I was in a panic, but I couldn’t fail.  Nothing mattered then to cook at that moment.  I asked for all the ingredients I needed.  Everyone was busy and I felt so embarrassed but I kept focus.  

I had a hard time breathing almost.  When he said “not bad.” I was about to burst into tears.  Thank you chef for giving me the opprotunity.